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Blockchain technology

The realization of asset digitization has the characteristics of decentralization and trustworthiness.

Smart contract

Programmable management of digital assets

Application program

Decentralized applications will give users full control over the verification and sharing of personal data.

Data ownership

Reduce the consumption of personal data by Internet giants, so that users' data ownership and value are returned

Our values and goals

About us

Based on Web3.0, Dingdao Public chain provides perfect infrastructure for all digital economy related fields, especially digital finance and other industries through blockchain +Al technology, and is leading the majority of consensus to achieve "10000 chain interconnection, value interconnection" and leading the new Web3.0 economy.

WEB3.0 Intelligent exchange of ecological values

Core system

DDO Chain intelligent public chain is a decentralized network that uses AI and blockchain technology to digitize digital identities and assets, and uses smart contracts to automate the management of digital assets and digital options to achieve "intelligent exchange of WEB3.0 ecological value".

Extend easily

High performance computing

Stable and safe

High speed TPS

Integrate into the digital economy

Development advantage

  • 1

    Decentralized financial services

    Through public chain technology, directly participate in financial activities without the need for traditional financial institution intermediaries.

  • 2

    Efficient and secure on-chain transactions

    Using public chain technology to achieve fast, secure and automated WEB3.0 architecture.

  • 3

    Decentralized authentication

    Use public chain technology for decentralized authentication and authentication without KYC.

  • 4

    The whole process is realized intelligently

    Business processes will be based on AI technology and smart contracts to improve efficiency and accuracy.

  • 5

    Innovative use of financial instruments

    Introduce innovative and safe financial instruments to provide users with more benefits and development opportunities.

Autonomous extension technique

Technological advantage

DDO Chain can seamlessly connect all kinds of developer ecology, developers do not need to learn new languages, they can use C#, GO, Java and other mainstream programming languages in the familiar IDE environment for smart contract development, debugging, compilation, saving time and cost of application development.

We did better

Risk control engine

Immediately eliminate all potential security risks

Development Tool

Provide optimal development tools to developers

Storage technology

Perfect decentralized storage technology

Multichain operation

Compatible with more public chain cross-chain technologies

AI large model

Self-developed 50 billion parameter financial model

Computing power cluster

Real-time high frequency processing of massive data

Machine learning

Help the financial industry realize intelligence

Quantitative finance

Let digital assets maintain value and increase value

Start building on the DDO Chain

Use case


The fastest and most accessible blockchain for customizing smart contracts and building DApps.


The fastest and most accessible L2 blockchain for customizing smart contracts and building DApps.

Carbon neutral

Carbon neutral blockchain based on energy efficient DPOS mechanism.

Personal digital assistant

AI robot

Through its advanced algorithms, it is able to extract and analyze information from massive crypto market data, helping users identify high-quality crypto projects and investment opportunities. It tracks market dynamics in real time and provides users with timely information and advice to help them make informed decisions in this complex and volatile market.

Intelligent recognition


Intelligent risk control

Intelligent customer service

Our strategic partner for ecological cooperation